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Educational Courses on Telehealth & Telecare

The Centre of Excellence for Telehealth and Assisted Living provides education and training in the exploitation and use of telehealth and telecare. Whilst technology is an important feature of providing telehealth and telecare, the real impact is through the redesign of patient pathways and the introduction of new models of care. The health and social care workers of the future will need to manage the design and implementation of new ways of working to promote the delivery of care more easily and in a timely manner.

The Centre of Excellence for Telehealth and Assisted living programs are designed to equip participants with a solid grounding in the technologies with the ability to see how these can be embedded through new patient pathways to deliver improved outcomes and cost-effectiveness.

Telehealth and telecare module for health and social care professionals (five study days)

The course examines issues that influence the use of telehealth and telecare such as legal and ethical implications of technology use, application process of technology in health and social care, information governance, cost implication and effectiveness in relation to assisted living.

This course is suitable for any health and social care practitioners, commissioners and professionals involved in developing assisted living technology. These study days are suitable for practitioners who are interested in integrating assisted living in patient care pathways to promote and enhance quality care being delivered.

An Awareness training on Telehealth and telecare for health and social care providers (two study days)

CETAL offers 2 study days on the use of telehealth and telecare in care provision. Our programme is design to equip practitioners with a solid foundation in technology application in health and social care provision and develop practitioners’ knowledge and understanding of the integration of assisted living technology into health and social care.

This awareness training is suitable for health, social care professionals, health technology developers, commissioners for health and social care; and everyone who is involved or interested in telehealth and telecare.

An overview: Introducing Telecare and Telehealth E learning Course

This new eLearning module aims to develop awareness of technology use (Telehealth and telecare) in health and social care delivery, explore the drivers for adopting such technology, and explore examples of such technology used to manage patients with long term conditions in community settings.

This e Learning introductory module is suitable for professional working in health and social care delivery sector. This course also is applicable to service users and their relatives, technology providers and installers.

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